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Programmable Parametric Tester for Discrete Semiconductors (IST-8800)

  • Tests MOS-FETs, TRIACs, SCRs, Diodes, Transistors, Regulators, Zeners, and J-FETs
  • Performs parametric measurements or Go/No Go tests on over 40 device parameters
  • Built-in relay matrix offers accurate and versatile measurements from the nano amp range up to 1,200V
  • Battery back-up RAM stores user written test routines for "one-time set-up" operation
  • Automatically detects any open, short, or malfunctioning junction of the DUT prior to applying power
  • IEEE-488, High Voltage, and Automatic Handler Interface ports
  • Self calibrating software

The IST-8800 is a fully programmable, low cost tester that provides parameter measurements or parametric GO/NO GO test for transistors, diodes, MOS-FETs, Regulators, Triacs, Zeners, SCRs, and J-FETs. These devices can be tested up to 5 amps or 1200 volts with a measurement range down to the nano amp range. Only four universal test fixtures are required which can test the device across a wide range of packages.

The user-friendly resident software simplifies the operation and programming of the 8800 while the "Quick Set" function provides a means for running fast one-time-test setups. User written routines can be stored in the battery back-up memory for future use. The 8800 is a "Stand Alone" instrument so no additional software, hardware, or special training is required to operate the unit.

The 8800 uses a relay matrix to connect the required test circuits, select the voltage/current sources and establish the needed mesaurement loops. With the auto polarity capability, it identifies the device type (NPS or PNP, P-ch or N-ch) and applies the appropriate circuits to the DUT automatically. The following parameters can be tested:

  • TRANSISTOR: Icbo, Iceo, Iebo, BVcbo, BVebo, BVceo, Bce(sat, Vbe(sat), hFE, Icer, Ices, Icev, BVcer, BVces, BVcev
  • DIODE: Ir, BVr, Vf
  • J-FET: Idss, Igss, BVgss, gm
  • SCR &TRIAC: +/- Igt, +/- Vgt, Ih
  • VOLTAGE REGULATOR: +/- Vo, +/- Iib, delta V
  • MOS-FET: Idss, Igss, BVdss, Vgs(th)


Dimensions: 4.5" x 17.2" x 16.5" (11.4cm x 43.7cm x 41.9cm
Shipping Weight: 16.0lbs (7.2kg)
Power Requirements: 115VAC or 230VAC 10%, 50 or 60Hz., Approx. 35W
Accessories Furnished: Power cord, instruction manual
Optional accessories:

  1. Test fixture for diode axial lead
  2. Test fixture for TO-220, 218, 202, 237, 126, 92
  3. Test fixture for TO-5, 18, 39, 205 MA
  4. Test fixture for TO-3, 66, 204 MA
  5. High voltage interfact/adaptor for testing up to 1200V

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