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Microprocessor System Tester


  • Tests 8 & 16 Bit uP systems with low cost CPU "Personality" Pods to attach to or replace resident CPU
  • Real time CPU emulation testing to 16 MHz
  • 80-Channel Clip Probe eliminates manual probing
  • "Learn Mode" compares data from the board under test to data from a "Known Good" reference board
  • Board Functional Test automatically tests the supply voltage, CPU clock, RAM, ROM, control signals, address and data bus
  • Signature analysis or bus Mnemonic Scan for troubleshooting to the component level
  • Built-in analog and digital test tools such as a DVM, low impedance detector, Timer, Counter, Scope Interface, Logic Pulser/Probe, and tri-state level detector.

The IST 6700 is a low cost, stand-alone test instrument that provides a wide range of automatic and manual features for troubleshooting microprocessor-based circuit boards. It employs CPU emulation with low cost CPU personality pods to attach to or replace the resident CPU. With stored "Known Good" test data, the 6700 can provide fully automatic functional tests to check the system RAM, ROM, control signals, address and data bus plus the measurement of the CPU clock frequency and supply voItage.

Should any of the functional tests fail, the 6700 can guide the operator through the detailed Diagnostic Tracing Mode by following the previously stored troubleshooting sequence with the Signature Analysis or Bus Mnemonic Scan tests applied. The operator simply executes all of the required tests and probings automatically. With its user friendly software structure and fully automatic test features, the 6700 is easily operated by less experienced technicians. Test programs can be stored in the Battery Back-up RAM or on portable SRAM cards for easy filing and future use.

With the IC Tester Module, the 6700 becomes a powerful digital IC tester for testing devices up to 28 pins by generating hundreds of thousands of test vectors and collecting the output data with an overall signature analysis technique. Using the Universal Cable Tester Module, the 6700 becomes an easy to use programmable cable tester to test any IDC cable or cable harness up to 80 conductors. The 6700 is also equipped with many useful "Test Tools" including a Frequency Counter, Timer, Low impedance Short Detector, Oscilloscope interface, Logic Puiser/Probe, Logic State Indicator, Static Event Display and an Auto Ranging Digital Voltmeter.

The major test functions of the 6700 include:

  1. RAM check
  2. ROM check
  3. I/O Test
  4. Bus Test
  5. Bus Mnemoni Scan
  6. Full Run Signature Analysis, ROM, and I/O
  7. Partial Run Signature Analysis
  8. Address Search for the location oi the system RAM, ROM, and I/O.

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