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THE IST MODEL 380 is a portable, stand-alone cable/harness tester for testing any cable up to 128 points. It detects opens, shorts, and miswires within one second by comparing the test result with the golden file or the data learned from a sample good cable. The error messages can be shown on the LCD display or printed out on a printer with the correct wire list needing reworking. The IST-380's features user-friendly resident software and its easy-to-follow menu simplifies testing and operations. The IST-380 also features a universal, do-it-yourself adapter card, offering great flexibility and convenience in cable mating connector set-ups prior to testing runs.

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  • All-in-One Changeable Adapter Card:
    With the universal design, cables with commonly used connectors and the variety pin number can be tested on this furnished adapter card. It saves the trouble and extra cost in changing and selecting each individual connector module. The user can just load and solder the appropriate mating connectors on the card.

  • Self-Programming Capability:
    Provides golden file for all one to one cables or learns from a known good harness assembly with any wiring pattern. The battery back-up memory stores 50 test programs with each cable up to 128 test points.

  • Parallel Printer Interface:
    Prints out the complete wire list or just the errors with its rework instructions.

  • Test Point Identification:
    A test probe is included for wire identification or troubleshooting. The LCD display shows the corresponding wire list as the probe tip touches the cable test point.

  • Stop on Error/Step Through on Error:
    LCD display shows each error message against its correct wire list.

  • Program Identification:
    Each test program is assigned by a number plus a six-digit hexadecimal code resulting in a unique signature which is compressed from the data of individual cables' wire lists. The code is also displayed at the end of each test to ensure the test result is with the data in the memory.

  • Multiple Connections Testing:
    With the extensive software analysis, the errors of the complex multiple connections with each single point or other multiple connections are also detected and pinpointed.


Connection Test Threshold:

      Shorts < 130 ohm +/- 10%,
      Opens > 130 ohm +/- 10%
      SHORTS > 0.6 uf +/- 10%,
      Opens < 0.6 uf +/- 10%
Test Condition: 5 volts at 6ma

Adapter Card: The adapter card (A-1) is a 6.3" x 11.7" printed circuit board that can load up to 28 mating connectors with the following PCB layout patterns.

  1. Ten 0.1" spacing dual row connectors with 64 pin max.
  2. Four "D" - subminiature dual row connectors with 37 pin max.
  3. Two "D" - sub dual row connectors with 15 pin max.
  4. Two 0.6" DIP connectors with 40 pin max.
  5. Two 0.3" DIP connectors with 20 pin max.
  6. Two RJ 11 phone plugs with 6 pin max.
  7. Two RJ 45 phone plugs with 8 pin max.
  8. Two 0.156" spacing single row header with 20 pin max.
  9. Two 0.1" spacing single row header with 32 pin max.

Test Cycle Time: Less than one second

Test Point Capacity: Max 128 points (64 connections)

Program Storage: Lithium battern backs up memory for 50 cables

Probe: Single wire test probe with standard .175" bannana jack

Display: 2 line x 16 character LCD and 2 LEDs for "PASS" or "FAIL" indication

Printer Port: Standard Centronics type parallel interface.

Power: DC 12V-14V, 500ma AC adapter.

Dimensions and Weight: 2.1" high x 13.8" wide x 9" deep, 6lbs (2.72kg)

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