IST 5800/5850 Programmable Multifunction Generator

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Five instruments in one

A complete testing solution featuring five lab instruments in one low cost and portable package for maximum precision and convenience

The IST-5800 series programmable multifunction generator is an exceptionally versatile and economical instrument for applications in R&D, Manufacturing Test, Service Repair and Training. Featuring an adjustable triple output power supply and waveform generator, it has the ability to provide power and signal sources for a circuit while the universal logic probe, auto-ranging frequency counter, and digital voltmeter allows you to simultaneously analyze and measure circuit activity. This compact device combines the functionality of five standard laboratory instruments into one integrated unit, making the task of switching instruments as easy as pressing a button.

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  • 20 MHz Sweep/Function Generator
  • 35 MHz Universal Logic Probe
  • 80 W Adjustable Triple Output Power Supply with Display (5850 Model Only)
  • Autoranging frequency, Period, Totalize Counter
  • Autoranging Digital Voltmeter